April 12


Hello anyone who is reading this,

It’s me again I rarely write anything here because I don’t think anybody cares but sometimes it helps to write down how things are progressing and I guess you could say I did progress in some ways and retrogress in others.

First thing is first GTA a game that I won’t let go of anytime soon it’s the game I had the most fun working on from all my games and I will keep working on it when the time is right it’s on hold for now for there have been quite some interesting and new things happening with me.

RandomizeRize it’s this little thing I started with my friends a new Account that is for us all with RandomizeRize I finally had a sort of team to work with and I could focus more on what I am good at which is programming and my friends can do the art and design and shit like that it’s cool to have a team to work with, setting down and coming up with interesting ideas and actually working on a simple example is the game ihate.cat a crazy weird idea that me and my friend Yazeed had and we actually worked on it for about two days then uploaded it on GameJolt it was an experimental game that was simple and dump and I would have never worked on if I was working on it alone the fact that Yazeed took care of the art gave me time to make something interesting with the programming and it gave me enough time to learn most everything in HTML5 / Javascript game development.

Now RandomizeRize is an idea we had a long time ago and it started with us wanting to make dump youtube videos and we might do that one day but in the end of January there was a little thing called GlobalGameJam and out local GamingLab (free game making related academic center) was hosting it I convinced my friends that we should all join in it was me of course Hazem Huzayen and my friends from Highschool Hamza Jaradat, Yazeed Shourdom and Ahmad Alabed the only one with any game development experience was Ahmad and they weren’t that much.

And for I didn’t really care about winning or making something unique I just wanted to have fun with my friends once we were there and the jam started things changed we started brainstorming thinking ideas and trying to figure out something interesting and I got this weird rush this push of enthusiasm that I have lost for a while and I saw the sparks in there eyes and it was MAGNIFICENT we got the idea and we got to work and we tried to make something interesting we used Unity even though I didn’t really know that much but people there helped quite a bit and I also met new people experienced and integrated in the industry which also opened my eyes more to this world getting reviews and critique from people like that was new to me even getting marketing advice is something that I never really considered .

So for all of the above you now know why I put GTA on hold there are many problems with that game mainly it’s made with Adobe Flash which is becoming absolute I won’t abandon this game I have put a lot of effort and sleepless nights but for the mean time there are more important things at hand starting in the end of May I will work more closely on RandomizeRize learn more of Unity to move on from Flash not completely it’s still something I’d rather appreciate but sometimes we need to keep up with the current so we can survive and reach the waterfall.

Thanks for reading random stranger (no-one) I hope you got anything from this information centered around ME (self interested me)

-Hazem Huzayen (CIS Student)

January 24


#3 thumblinejpg

if you asked 2 or 3 years ago to make a game like this I might have laughed and turned my face around thinking how I would make everything how long would it take me I might have even started working on it … but in the end I wouldn’t have completed it and even If I did it wouldn’t be as fun as this is at least to me

on gamejolt with score boards and achivements

on newgrounds

I present to you ENDLESS DEMON PARTY  a game where the goal is to enjoy the party that are being preformed by three awesome musicians Kakuza, Worm and CNBlack and also KILL a couple of demons while you are at it fast, brutal and deadly \m/

January 15

GTA – FairyTaleCity devlog #1 (Vectors Everywhere)

dead bodies

so the latest addition to the gta game is vectors lines intersections and many static functions around the game so in this update the game has more collisions that it can check it has a line on line intersection a line in circle or rectangle which adds a lot of ideas that can change the systems in place or even add new ones


on the next update I will be working more on the police system the basic like a star meter if a police notices you have done something bad they will try to arrest you and shit like that
thanks for reading/watching

-Hazem Huzayen

January 14

an update on me

killing ray

I guess when I write something here I write it for me but what the heck this can be like a journal to me something to show me how things are progressing.

So an update on me … After “releasing” Knee-Deep in Hell my first game ever I kinda had mixed emotions the first emotion was joy and general happiness, Yaaaaay I finally “finished” a game and released it and got people to play it and some people enjoyed it and when I say some I mean a few people enjoyed but for me that was enough I don’t need a thousand people to have played this and if those few people who played it enjoyed it then that’s awesome by me.

This game was a learning experience I learned a lot and it took a lot of time, effort, coffee and late nights I worked hard on this game granted at the last couple of months working on it my goal was just RELEASE I didn’t care anymore I just wanted to release and that’s where the second emotion comes in which is not caring … actually I didn’t enjoy working on the game anymore it was annoying, painful and just not as fun as I expected it to be or wanted it to be.

Now I don’t do this for a living (making video games) but that’s what I want to do in the future and if now when I have time and do this for fun and I didn’t enjoy it does that mean when it turns to a job will it feel the same ?? I didn’t know actually … and so I looked at other developers online what they had to say.

I just read and read … and I figured it out the thing that made me hate the game wasn’t that I hated the game it was that my goal wasn’t making a fun good exciting game my goal was just finishing a game and releasing it even when it’s not finished bad sound little to no animations … there was a lot of problems with the game a lot of those problems came to me being lazy and so after a while from working on nothing and just hating the game.

I started something called Speed Art Game … it wasn’t invented by me I remember a guy who made flash tutorials on youtube had videos which were titled Speed Art Game in those videos he would basically take a classic game like pokemon and create a simple demo in about 2-4 hours something like that it was quick and dirty … and I just loved those videos so I decided to make the same type of video and ended up with this …

I took what I learned while making Knee-Deep in Hell and ended up with a quick Digimon game with a small map an enemy wandering around and Agumon by your side following you and when “EVIL AGUMON” comes close to you a battle starts and you start controlling agumon it was a simple battle system with a stamina bar that decreases when you shot fireball or use the dash and the stamina would fell slowly … it was simple and fun and guess what I had fun working on it

And so I worked on another game but didn’t share the video the game didn’t look good nor played good and after that and in about three to four hours this was made

yes a simple top down FLASH GTA like game I had this idea from when I was working on as2 I’ve always wanted to make a GTA like game and so I made this it was fairly quick and simple just a bunch of NPCs walking around cars moving around which you can ride and shit like that … making this got me looking through my old flash projects when I found an old GTA project that had a simple map and a couple of car models simple copying and pasting and now I had a map and a collection of cars that could be customized and soldiered on through adding something here a dialog box there a mission system here items and I found the game growing Ideas flowing and enjoyment/ frustration the good kind.

and so now I am here while I might not be that excited about Knee-Deep in Hell because it’s not the game I was building in my head I still think of it as a learning experince something that taught me a lot and now I am moving forward with my GTA like game currently under the name FairyTaleCity just working title

Hopefully I will start posting more updates here and who knows maybe this can turn to more than just a journal thanks for reading this long ass update on me

June 6

Knee-Deep in Hell is out (for a while now)


Knee-Deep in Hell is out at Gamejolt and here is a link so you can play it

Knee-Deep in Hell is my first actual big game release and I am very proud of it as a game while it was an educational experience for me learning game design, programming and new game concepts for me at least it was an amazing game and game that I enjoyed working on till the end where it turned into a chore I wasn’t really enjoying working on it anymore and the concept seemed simple and easy and it took too long and I just wanted to move on.

this dosen’t sound like an amazing pitch for you to play the game but I am talking about my feeling working on the game I added a lot of fun elements to the game and expermineted with things like a pikachu companian that helps you and a Dance with the Devil Boss based on my dump friend’s face and added a bullet hell shooting system so it was interesting but at the end the code looked bad in everyway the bugs didn’t end the idea of creating a in Adobe Flash editor for the levels turned out to be more horrible than good.


so I went to work I cleaned my code removed some things that I intended to add made the story fairly simple you are in Hell and you Have a gun kill the demons that stand in your way created a simple music track fixed the levels and finally i released it to the public and it’s sad to say that I never at one point actually tried to interact with the community at gamejolt so I didn’t have any people following me so only after I uploaded the game did I realize how important that was.

so after looking back at the game I am not regretting anything I wanted to finish a game and release so that I can feel accomplished and I wanted people to play it and to see there comments on the game and they did not only that Azrokaiyax a youtuber who makes videos of gamejolt games made a video on Knee-Deep in Hell and I can’t be more happier for that here is a link of the video

for my next project I will try to not make the same mistakes learn from those mistakes and improve on this game and make something exciting and fun.

chargin for attack 1

thanks for reading

Hazem Huzayen, Student, Game Developer.

January 12

Hell Engine – update #1

2 -11


so it has been 5 months since the introduction of Hell Engine and much has happened yet not a lot and what do i mean by that, the game is now playable and i would consider this version to be (Knee-Deep in Hell 0.5) an alpha version what needs to be added are small things here and their but what is left is the detail the optimization and finally starting to create more levels and hopefully starting to outline the story (although i do have a simple story in mind nothing is still on paper :P).

as you see in the photo above i did this artwork as the main menu background i will draw one that looks better soon but for now i am really satisfied with this and it seems that people i show this to like it as well and if you haven’t noticed this is basically a tribute to doom


2 -11

as of game features the main game plays the same shooting and so on has been the same but with a bit of tweaks to make it more fun and exciting things like loud sound effects and blood that fells the map add much more yet being simple to add and execute.

But what hasn’t been simple to add was the path-finding system it took quite a while to get it working yet after it has been added (which was recently by the way) it still needs a bit of optimization to get it to work more efficiently and better and the fact that i need to go in code and create the graph each time would be time consuming and is boring so i may create an in game editor to create the graph and then add it to the level manually not sure if i am going to do that but keeping it as an idea for the future 😛

i also added doors and keys which make the levels much more interesting with some backtracking its just like Doom actually. you have a red key and it opens the red door and for now they don’t have textures attached to them

2 - 2 2 - 1

(the red dots and green lines connecting them that’s the graph by the way)

if you noticed the second photo is not focusing on the character and is zoomed out a bit, huh? that’s weird, well that’s because i added dynamic camera movement in the engine which means i can create some cinematic effects that would be the camera go around the map zoom in and zoom out on specific things or maybe the camera wouldn’t focus on you necessarily but instead on some object like an enemy and follow the enemy around

and that is further helped by triggers which is a new feature that i have added now i can add triggers to the level to create much more dynamic stuff for example stepping on a trigger would open a door zoom the camera out spawn an enemy take from the hp of the character which means i can create a lot of cool scripted events in game without having to do much code for specific events and that is really awesome *-*

2 - 3



2 -7


and from now and then i like to add some fun feature that might not make it to the final game but looks cool or is funny enough to deticate some time to creating it


2 - 4


yeah that’s right that’s pikachu and their is a pokeball that you can throw to get pokemons to help you on the battlefield while it’s a fun feature i don’t know if it’s gonna be good enough to add to the final game but it’s their for fun and i made pikachu kind of a badass he is strong and takes a lot of damage before he goes down so he is actually really strong 😛 to the point where you dont have to do anything other than show him the path to the next enemy -_- so it got boring after a while but still looks cool

another thing i created which i am super happy about is this little class called SoundManager it has most things inside of it set to be static and has three functions that makes it really easy to set and play music for each level make it loop change the music dynamically via the use of triggers play sounds of gun shots enemies getting hurt and i am really proud with it while it’s actually not much of code

2 -9


to be honest their is lots of new classes added

2 - 6

you can count them from here xP

after all that i showed you their is still some errors here and their a lot of things need optimization and refactoring but as a package the game is running fine without any game-breaking glitches or bugs and that is freaking fantastic

2 -10

two final things i am going to talk about here are the art inside of the game and the limitations that i found in my game firstly the art i tried to do pixel art for the beginning using some help from http://charas-project.net/ and it looked cool but it’s not what i want exactly and i had to fix the animations and add some frames for holding weapons and such i tried to do these animations and draw some clothes in pixel art but it turns out that i need a lot of learning for that i get much learning from making games and university already so i may create my animations using Flash it self which is actually great for animations but we’ll see what happens with the art along the way

2 -12

finally the limitations i tried to create this big non-linear level of a forest that was big and had different routes that you can take to reach the end of the map but it made the frame rate drop siginificantly and i thought at first that the problem was the enemy count for it was 280+ something like that but after doing some tests i came to the realization that the size of the map and the amount of bitmaps that are in the map is quite much which means now i have to make an account of the limitations i have when creating levels which kinda sucks 🙁 but i still can be creative with what i have (hopefully :P)

2 -8this is the furthest you can zoom out in my game but the map is actually bigger than this by maybe 5 times 😛 and it had about 500 enemies before but i dropped the number down to make it run a little bit better.

and now still working hard on the project and getting close to actually releasing an alpha version for people to test it out and give their opinions about it their is still lots to do fix and add to get this game out and get people playing it and i am going to get a trailer for the alpha version soon so watch out for that

thanks for reading

Hazem Huzayen, Student, Game Developer 🙂

September 13

Hell Engine – an introduction


I have been working on this for the last ALMOST 15 months, in the beginning before those 15 months i had been always fascinated with adventure games and so this project started out as an adventure game and i had a lot of interesting ideas for what it would be like.

and one day while i was surfing the net and playing flash games for inspiration i found myself playing this weird obscure game called (Franks Adventure) i was prompted that this would and 18+ only game but that made me wanna play the game more playing it laughing enjoying and actually admiring the game i wanted to use the game’s system to create my adventure game.

i started testing out a screen transition system like the one found in (Franks Adventure) using Adobe Flash’s ActionScript 3.0 after completing the system i was pleased with the results and i moved forward with the project.

1  2


And from that point i went to making the game and while working on NPCs i though that it would be more cooler with action and i soldiered on with adding elements of shooting games the more work i did on that the more i would find it enjoyable so the focus became the action and the puzzles and adventure elements was dropped.

4  3

5  6


the work i had done was for me at least really exciting and that drove to re-write the entire game and make it what is now called HELL ENGINE.


working on the engine i found that focusing on this engine i would be able to actually create something that would be much more bigger than just one game but instead an engine that i could use to prototype games and actually create different and new games from the same core classes and objects that exist in Hell Engine.

for examples an imp in my game would be an object that would inherit from a main class called Enemy that Enemy class would itself inherit from a class called GameEntity and GameEntity also inherits from a class called GameObject so the imp can be modified and i can easily add enemies to my game without a lot of code added just specifing a couple of variables and i would have an imp running around shooting the character and following him.


then THE FARM mini-horror-game was born and sadly is now in a coma waiting for the whole engine to be created first the idea behind it is to take the engine and try to make a whole different game with it. so i could see how it would work and how it could be implemented the idea is inspired by (Lakeview Cabin) flash game which you should check it out because it’s really awesome


THE FARM is basically a horror game where you are in a farm you don’t know why you are their you start exploring and freaky stuff start to happen and you have to fight the GHOST of the farmer and you fight him by using different items so all of that is now on-hold waiting for the main engine to be fully implemented and ready which will take a while


the project is still growing strong and i am still working on it and i hope to add so much more this is my ultimate test to make a full game for a change and it is also the longest project that i ever worked on so i feel like i owe this to my self and to this engine to finish it and hopefully produce a game in the beginning of the next year but i am not promising anything


for now i leave you with this i will try to update and talk more about this in the future 🙂

-Hazem Huzayen, Student, Game Developer